Monday, November 17, 2014

Why I Attend a .Net User Group

When I started programming, I wished I had another avenue to meet and connect with those that shared a like passion for code.  Frankly, it's fairly difficult to strike up a conversation with most people about coding.  If you work for a large organization you may have plenty of workmates to chat with, however, many programmers are working alone for small organizations.  

User groups provide a great way to meet other passionate developers in the local community.  The act of attending a user group can mark you as a developer that has drive and passion.  When I moved to the Houston area, I joined the NHDNUG  (North Houston .Net User Group) and quickly started to reap the benefits of information I received at the monthly meetings.  One speaker talked about Software Craftsmanship and the tools of the trade causing me rethink how I approached programming.  That talk also led me to NCrunch - a tool that I can hardly imagine not having.  

I've since become a board member at our local user group. My role has been small but I still enjoy the participation. My wife refers to our meetings as "Nerds Anonymous" :)  If you've got a programming addiction, its time to find a user group near you.

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