Thursday, November 5, 2015

Winning a Developer Express DXperience Subscription from .NET Rocks!

The other day at work I was mildly surprised when I received an email from none other than Carl Franklin himself.  The title read .NET Rocks Fan Club Winner!, as to leave little doubt as to the contents of the email.  Clever title!  :)

I've started off using my Developer Express DXperience Subscription by downloading CodeRush.  It's a little different than ReSharper.  Most of the functionality that I used in ReSharper is in CodeRush, and in most cases things work in a similar fashion. I've been poking at the control libraries that come with the subscription.  Looks like they are a very robust set of controls, covering almost every .Net project type .  I'm looking forward to finding a use for some of them in my side projects!

Winning is fun!

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