Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pull Request /ˈedəkət,ˈedəˌket/

Over the years I've seen many unproductive threads on the net revolving around projects that are accepting pull requests.  In general when both project maintainers and contributors use their manners everyone stays happier.  When you read some project threads it often seems we aren't very kind to each-other.  Repudiate the code if you must, just don't offend the contributor.  That can be a difficult balance to strike!

The other day while reading in the Thinktecture.IdentityServer3 repo on GitHub, I found a list of links regarding pull request etiquette.  I found them so helpful I wanted to re-share them here.

Have you ever read a Linus Torvalds rant?  If you question whether or not you're interacting with your fellow coders correctly, read one of his rants and then NEVER do react like that!

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