Saturday, March 11, 2017

Microsoft Surface Book

Late last year I started a new job where I was supplied with a Surface Book. My last job supplied me with a 10 pound Dellasuras, which I was more than glad to leave behind. With all the hype around the Surface Book I was excited to use one on a daily basis as my primary machine. It's now been close to 4 months with the Surface Book.


  • Weight - at roughly four pounds, its close to 5 pounds lighter than my previous laptop.
  • Build - way better than the Dell, and as other people have noticed, on par with an Apple product.
  • Charger - the charger is lightweight and small, includes one USB port on the brick.

  • Display - the display is amazing overall, but this is Windows, so all of those old applications that are programmed against fixed pixels...  I hope you own a good pair of reading glasses or a magnifying glass. It can get pretty ridiculous. 
  • Display & Table - because the display can split off the keyboard base and become a tablet, its heavier than on a normal laptop. This becomes awkward if you ever try to use the Surface Book as a laptop. It's top heavy.
  • Display Drivers - we've noticed at work that all of the Surface Books display some interesting issues when they are docked.  The main issue being that scroll bars in some apps are really fat. It's more annoying than you'd imagine.
  • Price - for the price you can get several laptops that have equivalent or better internal specs. 
  • Pen - it's there, but I never use it.  It gets lost in my backpack about twice a week. 
Overall, the Surface Book is working well for my needs.  Though I'm not sure I'd by one for a personal laptop.