Saturday, January 27, 2018

URL Redirect Tools for Development

Many developers are familiar with Fiddler from Telerik as a tool for creating browser redirects. However, if you need a lighter weight solution a browser plugin may be a better solution. The last few years I've hardly opened Fiddler, as simple browser plugins have been meeting my needs.

The first redirect browser plugin I used was Trumpet in the Chrome browser. You can still find Trumpet in the Chrome store.

Trumpet works great, however the UI is not super polished, and some aspects of it are not intuitive. After a minute or two of tweaking the settings you'll get the desired redirect results. Hopefully...

Firefox 57 is a great browser and I've started to spend more time in dev tools. That being the case, I found myself in need of URL redirection. That's when I found REDIRECTOR. Same concept, but better UI, and it feels more polished and friendly. And it's available in both Chrome and Firefox.

When creating a new redirect, I noticed and appreciated the validation that appears in REDIRECTOR. It helps provide clarity, showing your pattern match does indeed work before you hit save.

It's the little things... If you don't need all the power of Fiddler, give a redirect extension a try.

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